Laneway Living


What is a lane or laneway?

A narrow passage way or passage between hedges, fences, walls or houses.

Laneways are transition places - where our homes meet the outside world and where we stop and share moments together with our community. They are the perfect place to introduce yourself to your neighbours, have a street social or another space for kids to play in. 

At Greater Ascot we believe laneways are an institution that should be revered. In designing this feature we hope to hand back a host of dreams to the children of tomorrow.


  • Great blend of “suburban house” and “unit, apartment” living - a perfect option for both downsizers and those looking for a green open space in the front of the home

  • Laneway homes add animation to alleyways and back properties improving safety and enhancing livability for the entire community

  • No back neighbours 

  • All laneway lots are built within the future Town Centre development that will be built in Greater Ascot

  • Design options are endless with this type of lot; go two story, or even look after the teenage/older members of the family with a Fonzie flat for dual occupancy


Doble Homes


Lot 330 Greater Ascot Avenue


The Natasha, 145sqm

3 Bed 2 Bath 2 Car

Grady Homes


Lot 303 Guards Lane


The Brighton 3a

3 Bed 2 Bath 2 Car

What lots are laneways?


Lot 301

Lot 302

Lot 303


Lot 330

Lot 331


Lot 361

Lot 362

Lot 363

Lot 364